Why Snap Succeeds Where Others Fail




The absolute fastest and easiest simulation means that you (or your assistant) are much more likely to actually use it! Many otherwise excellent systems remain unused in the dental office, because they either take too much time, are hard to use, or produce unprofessional results. SNAP’s “Procedure Orientated” automatic operation is much faster and easier to use than old style “tool” orientated programs, and always produces professional results.

A subtle marketing tool. With SNAP, cosmetic procedures sell themselves. SNAP is so fast and easy, you are able to offer a free “Smile Evaluation Photo” to EVERYONE WHO WALKS IN THE DOOR. Even if they just came in for a checkup or cleaning. The convincing photo shows them how great they would look, if they accepted your recommended cosmetic procedure, and allows them the opportunity of being able to take it home to show the spouse. Your contact information is automatically printed at the bottom of the photo.

Built-in patient education system is a constantly working marketing tool. It acts as a “Slide Show” that can be routed to televisions or monitors in the office, so waiting patients can see the before and after benefits of the cosmetic procedures you have to offer. SNAP produces professional presentations automatically, in just a few minutes.

Why SNAP Instant Dental Imaging Is So Easy To Use.

(1) Simply take a picture of your patient’s smile. Connect the camera to any USB cable, and SNAP allows you to instantly transfer the picture into the automatic editing software, ready for instant simulation. No memory stick removal/insertion or file loading is required, thus saving valuable time and eliminating confusion.

(2) Select the desired simulation, such as Whiten, Veneers, Close Diastema, etc. At this point SNAP will run its own automatic procedure. If more than one step is involved, SNAP will automatically select the correct tool for you, and prompt you with the next step. The typical amount of time you are using the software is less than one minute.

(3) Click the print button. The automatic software will produce a convincing side-by-side comparison photo, complete with the name of your practice and telephone number (or any other information you would like on the print). Patients can take the handy pocket-sized before/after simulation photo home to show their spouse, a powerful advantage.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Use SNAP risk free and increase your revenue immediately with SNAP!